Yes hello this is Poro.
I like stuff and things.

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He did this… he poisoned my son. Your king. Take him… TAKE HIM!


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Roxy the Phyton Regius and Lucy the Boa Constrictor

Upper right corner you can see Aragon the bearded dragon!

Wait are the ball and beardie being housed together or???

Yes the Boa, Python and the bearded dragon are all in the same terrarium. Reason: I currently dont have any other suitable terrarium. (second terrarium is in construction tought but this will still take me a month to finish)

is this real?

Läikkä has gone to mouse heaven today.

I just got a new camera (get ready for loads of new pictures!) and I found my old memory card. It was full of old pictures. Here are some silly pictures of babby Nupsu. She is about 6 months old in these pics.